Lady of the Lake Quilt Along

LofTL3 (2)

Hello Fall!!! I wanted a new quilt for the upcoming fall season, and as soon as I saw the Lady of the Lake pattern from Fat Quarter Shop and the “Classic and Vintage” series, I knew that was going to be my new fall quilt!

My mom recently gifted me a layer cake of a Wilmington Prints fabric called Autumn Road by Katie Doucette and I am a little obsessed with it! Wilmington calls them 10 Karat Mini-Gems and they come with 24 pieces per package.  I epecially love the florals and the chalkboard prints in this collection.

Even though the pattern calls for fat quarters, I wanted to try to use my new layer cake. I purchased some additional yardage for the borders and some extra yardage of 3 of the prints.

I used triangle paper for the first time with this pattern. It was WONDERFUL and I would definitely use it again! At first I felt a little weird about it, but it made those triangles come together super fast! I trimmed the first few sets and then I realized I didn’t even have to trim them up…they were perfect! I just had to clip those dog ears with my scissor and start assembling. HUGE time saver!


The triangle paper was very easy to use. You layer your print fabric and your background fabric RST. You pin the paper on top and sew (1.6 stitch length) on the dotted lines following the arrows. After that, you trim on the solid lines around the square first and then slice and dice up the center into triangles.


This was actually a lot of fun!



After that you begin to peel off the triangle paper. The paper is pretty thin and comes off very easily! Nothing like foundation paper piecing and picking out tiny pieces! This comes right off. I promise!


This is what seemed to work for me: I folded the large portion back and ripped down.


Then I used my nail and basically scratched off that little end piece.


DONE! So quick and easy!

LofTL1 (2)

This pattern was really fun to put together and it came together fast! The link to the pattern can be found here. The lap size finishes up at 59 ½” x 76 ½” and the full pattern also shows the layout to make Twin, Queen and King size quilts. I was happy I was able to use all of the patterns from this particular collection. If you also decide to use a layer cake (or 10” squares that you might have in your stash), keep in mind that you will need 2 of each print to make 1 block. If you have 3 of each print, you can make 2 blocks. One of your 10” pieces will turn into 2 of the large half square triangles, so you can use them for 2 different blocks. But you’ll need a whole 10” piece to make the 7 other triangles for the block. Or, you could mix them up and have one print for the larger HST and one print for the smaller ones…I’m just not that exciting 😊


I love, love, love the chalkboard print!!! I can’t wait to quilt it and get cuddled underneath it! With all things Pumpkin Spice, of course!

Thanks for reading along! Check out the Fat Quarter Shop and their gorgeous kit with Bonnie and Camille’s “The Good Life” they’ve put together for this pattern!

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